About Us


In 1998, we started Rajwada Furnish imagining the value of making a million homes beautiful. Furniture is one of the most crucial features of a house and more often than not reflects the people living there. Choosing the right furniture for your home is essential, from the style of the bed to the colour of the chairs. The fact is that people love creating things significantly more than they love buying them. Our species is creative, imaginative, and expressive. A home is just one of the many canvasses at our disposal. Today, we realize our mission is more than just selling well-designed products. It's our passion to help you create spaces that mirror your unique identity.

At Rajwada Furnish, we want you to experience the joy of creation. Beginning at home, we want you to see arranging your space as a joyous, creative endeavor. By bringing your ideas to life in empty rooms and turning what appears to be a white canvas into something magical.

At Rajwada Furnish, you are going to get all of these without overspending since we offer only the best prices. The same is true for any piece of furniture we sell; if you want to set up a home office, you'll find the perfect study table among our range of study tables or if you need a side table to complement your luxurious bed, Rajwada Furnish has got you covered.